Re:Defined Kids Lunches


Mom, I’m STARVING! What’s for lunch?

Next in the BTS RE:DEFINED series is what to pack for lunch and after school snacks. One tip - I always make my kids finish their lunch before grabbing a snack. And, try to manage snacking so that they are ready to enjoy the nutritious dinner you have planned.

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Re:Defining Kids Supplements


Do my kids really need supplements?

In this last RE:FUEL video of the BTS RE:REDEFINED series I’m sharing my favorite (kid tested) supplements to help our kids growing minds and bodies.

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Re:Defined Kids Breakfast


Good morning! It’s time to make breakfast but what’s the best option for my kids and why?

Welcome to the first of the meal videos in BTS RE:DEFINED. We’ll even show you a tip for the mornings you might be really short on time. You might want to start working on a grocery list and add to it throughout the day.

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Re:Defining Back to School

back to school workouts Aug 19, 2019

Ok all you Mom’s out there, we’ve got the first of a video series for you called BTS (Back to School) RE:DEFINED. This is not really for the kids, but for you!

Our sole focus is to help you make small changes that will make a big impact in your overall health. We hope you might pick up a couple new ideas that will make this season less stressful and more enjoyable.

We’ve broken down the videos into bite size pieces and the first video is RE:FIT - tips to stay consistent with your workouts even with a new back to school busy schedule. We hope you enjoy.

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One Magical Supplement


If you want healthier hair, skin, nails, need rescued from PMS, or want your brain to be high functioning; you need to take a high quality omega 3 like fermented cod liver oil. 

This is one supplement almost everyone should take!  It is a high quality omega 3 supplement that has a powerful effect on the body. Green Pastures makes Fermented Cod Liver Oil and it is my favorite brand because it’s not heated. Quality is everything, especially with the supplements you take. Please don’t waste your money on cheap processed omegas because they are extremely sensitive to light and heat and can go rancid. That being said, make sure it’s stored in a dark container and kept in the refrigerator. 

A few of the benefits: 

It works like an anti-inflammatory. If you want to lose weight or live without pain, then this can be very helpful. When our bodies are inflamed it can make losing weight a challenge. A decrease in inflammation and weight loss is a natural...

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