Summer Sweets RE:Defined

Jessica Thomas Re:Defined
Summer Sweets RE:Defined

I know you're going to love these RE:Defined summer sweets, but first I want you to know why I recommend upgrading. I am sharing some of my favorite cold summer sweet treats with you below. 

First, I want you to know why you want to keep the sweetness and ditch the high sugar and dairy.

Sugar and dairy are known culprits for so many more problems and symptoms we experience and hate, more than just weight gain. The impact sugar and dairy have on our health and hormones is so disturbing. Thankfully there are so many healthier options to still enjoy summer treats without creating hormonal imbalances. 

Sugar’s Impact on Your Hormones

Do you have cravings? 

1.Think about what you crave and when you crave it? (Daily, monthly, passing a certain place, before your period starts, or at a certain time of day, lack of sleep, high stress?) 

2. What do you do when you have a craving? (Wait, let it pass, give in every time, enjoy a healthy upgrade, enjoy a little bit,...

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One Magical Supplement


If you want healthier hair, skin, nails, need rescued from PMS, or want your brain to be high functioning; you need to take a high quality omega 3 like fermented cod liver oil. 

This is one supplement almost everyone should take!  It is a high quality omega 3 supplement that has a powerful effect on the body. Green Pastures makes Fermented Cod Liver Oil and it is my favorite brand because it’s not heated. Quality is everything, especially with the supplements you take. Please don’t waste your money on cheap processed omegas because they are extremely sensitive to light and heat and can go rancid. That being said, make sure it’s stored in a dark container and kept in the refrigerator. 

A few of the benefits: 

It works like an anti-inflammatory. If you want to lose weight or live without pain, then this can be very helpful. When our bodies are inflamed it can make losing weight a challenge. A decrease in inflammation and weight loss is a natural...

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