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Hi, I'm Jessica Thomas, trainer, nutritionist and health coach and these are the encouraging words I hear from members about how Re:Defined has helped them. I can show you how working out and eating healthy can fit into your life without causing you more stress. Re:Defined provides an all-in-one approach to how you eat, workout, and think so that you can finally feel amazing. If you're just getting started, struggle with consistency or you’re working really hard but not seeing the results you want, I can help you turn that around.

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The Right Prescription for Effective Workouts You Can Do Anywhere 

"Life Changing" - these are the words our members use to describe RE:DEFINED Rx.  These workouts will make you stronger mentally and physically.  My signature workouts are designed to sculpt a lean and strong body. The combination of cardio and strength training maximizes your workout time to get the best results.  The type, duration, and intensity of your workouts all matter, especially for hormonal balance in women and to feel energized from working out not completely wiped out.  And I know that you need you need effective workouts you can do anywhere! You will receive new workouts each week, weekly coaching with the best tips on exercise, nutrition and mindset and access to the private RE:DEFINED Community page.  

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RE:SET in 14 Days

The RE:SET is an all-in-one 14 day day safe and effective way to regain your health, energy, and well being by removing toxins and nourishing your body.  We'll guide you through this process in a series of quick videos starting with the explanation of why you would want to do a detox. What the RE:SET is, how you'll do it and what to do at the end of the 14 days.

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"The launch of Re:Defined came at just the right time for me and has been a life-changing experience since I started about six months ago. I was doing some expensive, intense studio workouts about 3-4 times per week after having my second child and while I enjoyed the workouts, I was often exhausted after and very hungry. I also didn’t lose any weight for a year, had insomnia, and struggled with stress and mood issues. Ever since switching to the Re:Defined workouts and following Jessica’s advice, I’ve started losing weight again, I’m sleeping well, get sick less often and recover faster when I do, and I feel much calmer and more patient. Re:Defined is saving me so much money and time, and I truly feel more energized after doing the workouts. Prior to starting this program, working out and eating healthy were more about my weight and feeling a sense of accomplishment for pushing myself and completing long, hard workouts as often as possible, but not always consistently or with appropriate rest periods. I now focus on how my eating habits and exercise affect my energy levels and mood, I have all the tools I need to make smart choices, and it’s making me a healthier and happier wife, mother and friend."


"RE:DEFINED RX has been an amazing addition to my week. I love that Jessica changes up the work outs weekly and that she's created these workouts just for woman like me! It's great to be part of a group where we can connect and talk about the workouts and ask Jessica questions. It's like having Jessica as my personal trainer, but for an amazing price. I've used it while I've traveled so there is no excuse for not keeping with my workout routine!"


"The workouts have been great and I still have energy for the day. Such a big change for me from working out for an hour five days a week and being exhausted all the time. I love the stretching videos since I usually rush through stretching. Can’t wait to see how my body responds after few more weeks! "


"RE:DEFINED Rx workouts leave me with energy all day. I used to overtrain which caused me to feel tired by afternoon and led me to overeat. Now I can workout at home with my trainer, save time, and have increased energy. No more afternoon slump."


"Jessica is amazing to work with. She encompasses a complete program to include food, sleep and excercise to give each person the best results. When I began working with Jessica I was addicted to sugar, suffered from insomnia, and I felt tired all the time. The Re:Defined program by Jessica Thomas changed my life! In just 7 days my cravings were gone, sleep improved, and I had the energy to get through my busy day without binging on sugar and coffee. Jessica’s meals and workout classes are tailored for each person to get the best results. I highly recommend Re: Defined with Jessica Thomas!"


"Jessica is highly knowledgeable in the field of health, nutrition and fitness and has earned the certifications to support her knowledge base. She radiates with passion for health and wellness creating such a personal relationship with each client she works with. Regardless of where you are at in your health and fitness journey, Jessica has a heart for you to live your best life. Give her a call. It'll be the best decision you ever make!"


"There are small victories and then there are big ones... JEANS! My skinny jeans that were probably not acceptable but I wore anyway last year totally fit me yesterday AND were a little loose in the waist! This program is working! 😁😁😁"


"Jessica is a fitness and health guru!! She knows everything there is to achieve the body of your dreams. I recently went to Jessica’s seminar on health fitness and nutrition and picked up many useful tools which I now implement in my daily routine! My energy levels have skyrocketed, my skin and eyes are glowing and I have managed to somehow turned away all the packaged food I once ate because of Jessica!! I cannot thank you enough and definitely recommend experiencing one of her seminars yourself! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"


"Just finished my first workout and WOW! Thank you Jessica for the intense yet quick session😁💪🏻 Day 15 (or day 1) after reset and I lost 9 lbs and an inch to 2 inches off almost everything 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I feel great, not tired, don’t miss caffeine or wine (although I may opt for a decaf for the taste 😜) And most all my anxiety has completely gone away!"


"Ladies! The results are rolling in. I started the program at the end of June and have lost 7.4 lbs. I also had intense sugar cravings before but they are now controlled. I am staying consistent with my workouts and walking or being active on the off days. My family can tell the difference in my appearance as well. My small clothes are starting to fit and I have to move the bigger ones to the storage to make room in my closet. I want to encourage you to keep going and make small changes everyday. They will add up!"


"I was trying on some skinny curvy jeans yesterday and was so surprised that I had to go down a size. My journey is a life long battle but I just wanted to share that I might be slower than others and the scale my not be where I want it to be but yesterday was a huge victory for me and will keep me motivated to sticking with this lifestyle. The craziest part is, I am eating good carbs. Never thought it was possible to feel satisfied while getting smaller. This is the best I have felt in years!"


"Before joining Re:Defined I was a weekend warrior...trying to fit in exercise in (usually running/walking the dogs) in between family commitments! I was searching for some way to incorporate exercise into my weekday schedule but with working full-time, my husband working away from home all week, and needing childcare for being away from home...the reality was that I was unable to join a gym or a yoga studio, or pilates...etc. It was frustrating and depressing! Then I ran into a friend (literally...while walking in our neighborhood one weekend) and she told me about Re:Defined. The thing that got me to try the program was that I could do it from home, anytime that fit into my schedule! Once I tried...I was hooked. I loved that the workouts were short, but intense. I was using muscles that I hadn’t in many years due to my focus on just cardio on the weekends. I also LOVED the nutritional coaching! The whole Re:Defined program and coaching was exactly what I had been searching for! I am so happy that I am a member of Re:Defined. I can’t imagine not having workouts and coaching at my fingertips. I have come to depend on the ability to workout at home, whenever I want. I am feeling so much stronger, and healthier! My clothes fit better and my mood is for sure better!!"


""I have been doing a different workout with my husband for almost 6 years that we enjoy doing together. I chose to add in Re:Defined Rx because it truly challenges me in a different way. I love Jessica's focused & varied strength training. I get so much bang for the short amount of time invested. Feeling strong is definitely empowering." "


"I really wish I would have started sooner. But even where I'm at just starting in October, I'm really happy. I'm not starving myself, the coaching has reopened my eyes to what I'm putting in my body. I love how quick it can be, get your workout done and move on! My Dr. even asked me what I’ve been up to - I love it! "


Meet Jessica Thomas

I am passionate about helping women feel healthy, energized, and strong from the inside out.  I have always had a love for fitness; but when I discovered food as medicine my whole world changed!  After that, I was completely dedicated and motivated to combine movement with nourishment to make a difference.  I strive to help women know just how good they can and deserve to feel. I graduated from San Diego State University in 2005 with a degree in kinesiology with emphasis in health, fitness, and nutrition.  I then became certified as a strength and conditioning specialist CSCS with the NSCA. I also obtained my certification from the American college of Sports Medicine (ACSM). I am an Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York graduate and a certified health coach.  Currently, I plan to complete my postgraduate education with CNCB and obtain my Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) certification.

I have over 20 years experience as a trainer helping women get stronger, gain confidence, achieve their specific goals, lose weight, and so much more.  I was a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at San Diego State University as well as working at a private training center in La Jolla, Ca. I have had the opportunity to consult high end business executives as well as the stay at home mom who just wants to live a healthy life. When I got married my dad and sisters all had bets on who could lose the most weight for my wedding, and that's how Fit 2 Wed started!  I saw there was a need for brides, bridesmaids, and even their family and friends who wanted to look and feel their best for such a memorable, have the pictures forever, kind of day. I also wanted brides to achieve their results in a healthy and fun way. That is why in 2007 I founded Fit 2 Wed - to help brides get in shape for their wedding.

Fast forward to now, I am a happy mom of two funny, energetic and loving boys.  I get the challenges of balancing work, home, kids, and taking care of your own health at the same time.  I am still deeply committed to helping women live their best life by taking care of their bodies and mind. I started Re:Defined a fitness + nutrition business in 2019 to be able to inspire and motivate more women globally to care for their body and health, so they can go out in this world and be difference makers themselves.

I am thankful to have you be a part of the journey and I am excited to serve you. You matter to me.


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