Do you need sleep, an apple, or a workout?

nutrition sleep workout Apr 30, 2020

Hi there! 

We are on Day 8 of our group RE:SET, but wanted to share one of the daily video I thought you might enjoy! I

Welcome to Day 8!

Think am I hungry or just tired? Do I need to eat or is it just because someone else is eating? Am I hungry or am I just thirsty? 

Get enough sleep and you will feel like a new person. 

Pesticides in our food cause disease, hormonal imbalances, and make us sick. 

List of the Dirty Dozen

Try eating organic for 2 weeks like the family in Sweden did and notice the difference you feel mentally and physically. 

You are working hard to eliminate toxins from your body, so make sure you are not continuing to put more in. 

Missing dessert? Try warm chopped apples, with a little water, and lots of cinnamon in a skillet for a healthy apple treat. 

Enjoy eating nourishing foods. I made this really good recipe from TheMediterraneanDish last night I wanted to share with you. Mediterranean One Pan Halibut and...

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