Quick Core Workout

core quick workout Aug 19, 2020

Strong to the Core Workout  

 The real benefits of a strong core are so much deeper than ripped abs. We use our core in every movement we do. It is our support system and allows our body to function properly. 

Did you know back pain is a common side effects of a weak core?

Strengthening our core can improve our posture, which will actually make it easier fo you to breath.

A strong core helps prevent injury, which is important because getting injured makes like so much harder.

It improves our balance, so we can perform at our best. Did you know it can even make you a faster runner? According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research runners increased their speed in a 5000mr after 6 weeks of core strengthening.

Your core is made up of different muscles, so how you train them is important.  The workout today activates deep transverse abdominals, obliques, rectus abdominals, as well as your lower back muscles. 

Equipment: 2 sliders. If you do not have sliders, you can use a paper plate on carpet or a hand towel on a smooth surface. Target sells them for $10 or you can get them on amazon.

MODIFICATIONS: The workout has a lot of plank exercises. If you are not able to hold yourself up in a plank, there are other options:

1. Take short rests when needed.

2. You can hold a plank with your hands elevated up on a stable table instead of all the way down  on the ground.

3. You can even do the plank exercises standing up and just cross elbow into your knee, and same knee to same elbow. 

4. Just bring your knee in as far as you can and let that be your goal to get your knee to your elbow. 

5. Push pause if you have to take a short break, then get right back into it. 

If you have been working out with me for a while, and have not limitations, and have a good fitness level. DO NOT follow those modifications.

You may not be able to see it, but my arms were shaking. It was challenging for myself and I want to challenge you too. To really see results we have to get a little uncomfortable to challenge ourselves. 

Focus on really holding your abs in tight. Belly button to spine. Lift your pelvic floor muscles up to really work your deep transverse abdominals that work like a girdle to hold your stomach in. 

Focus on contracting your abs and squeezing with every rep to get the most out of this workout. 




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