Cardio Q&A - Hormones Re:Defined How Does This Happen


This Cardio Q&A is 29 minutes (steady pace, 3 sprints, steady pace) 

I will be on the treadmill, but you can do whatever form of cardio you enjoy or are able to do. You do not have to watch me for this video. The bike, run outside, elliptical, cardio drills, jump rope, run the stairs, etc. 

 We get to workout. Working out is a privilege. 

Let us never take the ability to take care of ourselves for granted. I want you to enjoy moving your body. 

Hormones can RUIN our life if they are out of balance. They can happen slowly over time or they can happen after one event (having a baby, turning 35, a death, remodel, stressful situation, divorce, financial problems, etc.) 

I am so glad you are here because it can be so hard to figure out what is out of balance and to know what to do to fix the root problem instead of masking the symptoms. I want you to know that essential nutrients, vital lifestyle changes, the right supplements, and appropriate workouts do work to change our hormones and our life. 

Focus on 1% better at a time. 

 Thank you for joining for today's workout. You are incredible.

Your Coach,



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