Coffee Re:Defined


There are so many positive health benefits to coffee. I love it for mental focus and improving my physical performance with my workouts. It has positive benefits to boost mood, decrease appetite, and improve memory. Research has show it to be helpful for alzheimer’s prevention, diabetes, and even heart disease. 

However there are some downfalls to coffee, if it triggers anxiety for you, the crash increases cravings, an unhealthy dependency, can’t function without it, taxing your adrenal glands that are already worn out to keep pumping out more stress hormones, dehydrating effects, depleting key nutrients, and disrupting our hormones.

I want you to be able to use coffee for the positive benefits and support your body without it hindering your health and hormones.  

To do that, Self Awareness is a MUST. Coffee impacts women in different ways. I want you to know if it is helping or hurting you and your hormones. The best way to drink and the appropriate amount to...

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