Pelvic Floor RE:Defined

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Pelvic Floor RE:Defined 

Urinary leakage is so common for women especially after childbirth and as just naturally as we age.

Did you know your hormones even impact your bladder control? Estrogen plays a major role in our bladder tone and as we age and make less estrogen we may experience more bladder problems.

I want to make sure urinary leakage it is not also impacting your ability to exercise. It is a muscle that weakens over time and needs to be strengthened.

Thankfully there is so much we can do to reverse and prevent this from happening. Strengthening our pelvic floor is not only essential to prevent peeing ourselves during our workouts, but is so important for better sex and stronger orgasms. 

Strengthen your Pelvic Floor

Help while in the process: 

1. Wear a panty liner, pad, or bladder support 

2.  Modify the high intensity - Jump rope with one foot on the ground instead of both feet, keep feet on or closer to the ground. Work your way up to jump roping with step ups, jog in place, or an exercise that you are able to do.  Raise hands above your head to keep your heart rate up, if you need to avoid any jumping. Lift pelvic floor and do a kegel while engaging in higher intensity moves. 

3. If in your reproductive years and you have a cycle, you can move the workouts around during the week to fit your cycle. During the first half of your cycle and even the first week in luteal phase you may find you have no problem at all, but during the 2nd half of luteal phase (pms time) you may notice you have less bladder control. Simply switch the strength training and jump rope workouts during that week, to reduce any frustration. Do the jump rope workouts when your estrogen is naturally higher and bladder is naturally stronger. 

 Tools to help get stronger:

1.Kegel Balls


Not seeing progress after 3 weeks? Do you need more help?

1. Have your doctor check for prolapse

2. See a pelvic floor physical therapist

RE:Low Estrogen

If you have low estrogen you may have a hard time focusing, unpredictable moods, irritable, angry, cranky, dry, feel like you don't look as good as you used to, hungrier, diminished libido, hot flashes, night sweats,  insomnia, and joint pain.  

When estrogen is in balance you will feel successful, balanced and sensual. Feel joy and more loving. Boosted sex drive. Regular periods. Feel less stressed and overwhelmed.  More stable mood. Improved brain function the fog lifts and memory improves. Less joint pain. Normal appetite 

Low estrogen stimulates appetite. Lower your estrogen hungrier you become. 

Our hormones impact our moods so much for example estradiol impacts our serotonin levels, which is a feel good neurotransmitter. 


Food impacts estradiol levels, so it is important that your nourishing your body with real Whole Foods. Lots of vegetables, fruit, and clean animal protein. 

1. Eliminate Gluten - Gluten intolerance linked to altered estrogen levels. 

2. Add flaxseeds - phytoestrogens 2 tablespoons 2x per day reduce hot flashes

3. Caution with coffee and caffeine - decrease estrogen. 

4. Enjoy hibiscus tea that naturally helps balance hormones and raise good estrogen. 

5. Phytoestrogens - Flaxseeds, sesame seeds, lentils, dried apricots, peaches, strawberries, wild rice, and chickpeas. 


1.vitamin E - 50-400 mg for 4 weeks. Research shows that vitamin E helps with hot flashes. 

2.Dr. Ron’s Mag Max - fatigue, hot flashes, 400mg 

3.Maca- 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp in the morning or before 2pm. Take for 6 weeks then take one week off. Cycle adaptogemoc herbs on and off. Maca increases  estradiol - help insomnia, and anxiety, depression, memory concentration, energy, hot flashes, improve libido, and lower anxiety. 

4. Fish Oil 1.5 tsp may also want to take Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega for additional omegas especially if having joint pain, inflammation, and mood issues. Also if you struggle to take the cod liver oil consistently the Nordic naturals will help make sure your getting the omega 3 essential vitamins you need. 

Give yourself some time to see improvements. It is a muscle that gets weaker as we age, so it is crucial that you take the necessary steps and time to strengthen this important muscle. 

All my best,


P.S. If you find this helpful, I encourage you to check out my coaching program, RE:Defined Rx with the 10 day free trial.


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