2. I agree to waiving any claim for personal injuries, including those arising out of the negligence of the releasee, its employees, agents, owners, etc .
3. While perhaps not necessary, in light of some recent decisions, it may be wise to expressly exclude from the release claims for gross negligence, recklessness, and intentional acts.
4. The release on the one hand, and the express assumption of risk on the other, while having similar language, should be distinct sentences so that it is clear that the releasor is both releasing/waiving claims and assuming the risk. This is important in the event of a wrongful death claim.
5. It should be signed by every potential plaintiff. While cases are usually won where the release was signed by someone other than the plaintiff, it can throw a wrench into what would otherwise be a straightforward defense.
6. It is recommended to have the release in the primary language of the signor.
7. There are other items that should also be considered for inclusion such as addressing potential product claims, use of likeness issues, provision of medical care, etc.,
8. Ensure you have an express assumption of risk. The assumption of risk relieves the defendant of a duty of care to the decedent.
“RE:Defined recommends that you seek the advice of your physician before commencing any exercise routine”.
“The member assumes any and all risks of injury associated with or in any manner related to his or her use of RE:Defined”.
“The member assumes any and all risks of injury associated with or in any manner related to his or her use of any exercise equipment (including, but not limited to, treadmills, weight machines, free weights, stair climbing machines, swimming pools, etc.)”.
“This waiver applies regardless of whether you are using exercise equipment at the time of the injury or whether your injury occurs as a result of using it regardless of purpose or activity at the time of the injury-causing incident”.
“Member agrees and covenants not to sue or otherwise attempt to hold the club liable for any injuries regardless of the cause”.
“Member agrees to indemnify and hold RE:Defined harmless against any and all claims arising out of the member’s use of RE:Defined, including by any family member or guest of the member regardless of cause”.
“This waiver and release agreement is intended to be as broad as is allowed under the applicable law and applies to any and claims for damages, regardless of whether they are allegedly caused by the negligence of RE:Defined or its employees”.
“This waiver and release agreement applies to all injuries including, but not limited to, slipping or injuries.”

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A Taste of RE:Defined

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  • One week of RE:Defined signature metabolic and hormone balancing workouts. 
  • Smart training for the female body. A well balanced blend of workouts that will leave you with more energy for your day, not ravenous and exhausted.
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Decide to commit to doing these workouts this week so that you can enjoy all the incredible benefits. I'm very concious of your time and have made these workouts short so they are doable and easy to fit into your schedule.  When you train properly you can actually get better results in less time. You can do this.

It is recommended you consult your physician before starting any type of exercise program. By signing up for A Taste of RE:Defined, you agree to release RE:Defined from any and all liability.  

What Members Have to Say About RE:Defined:

The launch of RE:Defined came at just the right time for me and has been a life-changing experience since I started about six months ago. I was doing some expensive, intense studio workouts about 3-4 times per week after having my second child and while I enjoyed the workouts, I was often exhausted afterwards and very hungry. I also didn’t lose any weight for a year, had insomnia, and struggled with stress and mood issues. Ever since switching to the RE:Defined workouts and following Jessica’s advice, I’ve started losing weight again, I’m sleeping well, get sick less often and recover faster when I do, and I feel much calmer and more patient. RE:Defined is saving me so much money and time, and I truly feel more energized after doing the workouts. Prior to starting this program, working out and eating healthy were more about my weight and feeling a sense of accomplishment for pushing myself and completing long, hard workouts as often as possible, but not always consistently or with appropriate rest periods. I now focus on how my eating habits and exercise affect my energy levels and mood, I have all the tools I need to make smart choices, and it’s making me a healthier and happier wife, mother and friend.


RE:Defined has truly redefined the way I exercise, eat, and take care of myself. I have always been active and interested in healthy living, but as a woman who just entered menopause I needed new information and tools to balance my hormonal chaos. I'm so impressed with Jessica and the program she has created. Her program is full of knowledge and motivation. Her short workouts are easy to fit into any day - and I always walk away feeling stronger, energized, and educated. I'm living much healthier and seeing amazing results while spending half the amount of time working out and researching information. I'm so grateful to Jessica and really appreciate all of her hard work and dedication building a program that truly works and inspires!


Jessica is amazing. She genuinely wants to help women thrive in their life, not just survive it. She’s super grounded and the program helps address issues from all angles. It’s not just about how you look. She helps your brain, your habits, your outlook and in the process of doing all that, your pants feel looser. She’s the one you’ve been looking for.


I hit rock bottom with my health in the Fall and a number of other firefighter wives were raving about ReDefined. From the very first login I knew Jessica and the group are my people. I’ve lost weight while feeling empowered instead of deprived. I am stronger. I have learned about hormones, healthy cooking ideas, how to change up workouts....I could go on forever. It might sound dramatic but this program has single handedly changed my life. I’m beyond grateful.


After years of working out 6 days a week, feeling exhausted and defeated because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, RE:Defined changed everything! After only a few weeks of starting the program Jessica helped me understand why what I was doing was actually hindering me from getting the results that I wanted. RE:Defined is like no other health and fitness program out there! Jessica has created a program that is specific to women, our unique bodies and hormone composition. RE:Defined not only provides easy to follow workouts, but Jessica explains the WHY behind everything in the program so that her clients are empowered to make the right changes in their lives and finally get the results they want. RE:Defined is not just about fitness or nutrition, it is a woman's whole body and mind program. Jessica’s coaching touches on all aspects of women’s well being. She teaches her clients that they can make small changes to see major results. RE:Defined has helped me get the results that I’ve been looking for while working out less and feeling less stress. The best part is that I now have the knowledge to continue making healthy decisions for the rest of my life.


I LOVED this workout!!! I feel so good right now and ready to take on the day! I also really appreciate your tips and information about hormones, hydration stats, balanced food choices etc.! It’s so nice to have this information mixed into the workout as it is such a great reminder of the balanced way in which we maintain health and make the best choices so that we can feel fantastic! Thank You!

Chris Anne